A Look at the New Toyota Supra

Even though the Toyota FT-1 concept was unveiled at the beginning of 2014, the rumors about the return of the next-generation Toyota Supra have long predated the concept. However, it was this concept that first gave the world an idea about what to expect from the development team at Toyota. Though, the relation to the Toyota Supra was pure speculation from consumers, and no one outside of Toyota knew for sure what the final Toyota Supra would really look like, not even Toyota dealers. 

Fast forward more than eight years later, and Toyota has started to finally release actual details about the Toyota Supra around the middle mark of this year. These long-awaited pieces of information have been slow coming to an eager audience that’s been anticipating the comeback. Last week, a few select journalist in the automotive industry actually got to see the test car in prototype attire, and there are now accurate rendering that show what the production Toyota Supra will look. 

It’s easy to tell how closely the production concept of the Toyota Supra looks like the concept of the Toyota FT-1 prototype, and features very similar taillights, a lip spoiler, rear diffuser, rear fog lights, and the same circular tailpipes. The shape of the side windows and roofline look to be carried over from the Toyota FT-1 concept car. A notable change is the smaller proportions, as the Toyota Supra has a shorter wheelbase and stalkier look, while the Toyota FT-1 concept car had a low-slung profile that mimics that of a front engine supercar. 

The images are making their rounds on popular automotive sites, so this might be the last and most accurate look at the car until an official concept is revealed, which is expected to happen very soon! There’s one thing for sure: this is one of the most anticipated Toyota cars of all time!