Best Toyota Models for Rideshares

Bob Smith Toyota has many new and pre-owned Toyota cars in stock for you to peruse and test drive. If you’re trying to start up a side gig with a ridesharing company like Uber or Lyft, a Toyota vehicle can be a great option for this purpose.

First, let’s look at what the typical requirements are for ridesharing vehicles.

Rideshare Requirements for Drivers and Vehicles

If you’re going to drive professionally, most companies require that you be 21 years old or older, have a valid driver’s license, and undergo a background check.

For your car, it needs to be able to seat four passengers safely, have four doors, and be a newer vehicle—usually after 2000 or 2005. You must also have current, valid license plates on the vehicle.

Toyota Models for Rideshares

There are many pre-owned and new Toyota cars in stock at our Toyota dealership near Glendale. So how do you know which one to choose?

First of all, consider fuel economy. You’ll be driving all over the place, and you want something that will last a long time on the road. The 2018 Toyota Prius is an excellent option, as it gets up to 58 MPG in the city.

If you don’t want to go the hybrid route, try the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback, which gets 32 MPG in the city and has a sportier, more compact feel to it.

If you want to be able to cart around large groups of people with your rideshare business, try a classic 2018 Toyota 4Runner. With seating for up to seven, the Star Safety System™, and an array of comforts and conveniences, you can’t go wrong with this new Toyota SUV for sale.

If these sound like the options you’ve been looking for, visit our Toyota dealers in La Crescenta today to find out more! We also carry a wide variety of additional models that fit the bill for a rideshare car.