Do You Need Summer Tires?

While the weather is always gorgeous in La Crescenta, CA, Bob Smith Toyota knows that the summer is extra special. With longer days and the kids out of school, California families want to take all kinds of outdoor summer adventures. But before you go hitting the outdoor trails, should you outfit your Toyota car or truck with summer tires? Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know.

What Are Summer Tires?

Summer tires are tires that are specially designed to provide optimum performance in summer weather and warmer climates. They are uniquely focused to provide enhanced handling in hot conditions. They have a smoother, less grooved surface area to keep as much rubber on the road as possible. The treads on summer tires are shallower and made for optimal gripping, allowing you to have better handling speed, braking, and traction on the road during summer weather conditions. They are also made from a tread compound, which is the mix of rubber and filler that make up the tread and contain sticky additives for better grip during wet and slick weather conditions. This specially formulated tread also provides enough stiffness so that summer tires hold up and retain their shape even when temperatures skyrocket.

Summer Tire Drawbacks

Though summer tires come with a ton of benefits, they do have their drawbacks. Their lifespan is shorter than that of regular tires, ranging from 35,000 miles to 45,000 miles. They also should not be driven during wintery or cold weather conditions.

If you plan on hitting the highway for a road trip this summer, definitely consider investing in summer tires with your trusted Toyota dealers serving Glendale.