Fuel Saving Tips from Bob Smith Toyota

Summer is the perfect time of year for road trips and quality time spent with family. In order to stay on budget for all your summer travels this year, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is in good running shape and getting the maximum efficiency possible. Today, we’re here to share some quick tips about how you can save fuel with your Toyota vehicle.

The first tip we have for max efficiency is make sure you get routine tune-ups at our Toyota service department in La Crescenta. Our experts can determine problems with spark plugs, air filters, oxygen sensors, fuel injection systems, and tires, which are some of the key maintenance issues that result in reduced gas mileage according to carsdirect.com.

Tip two is be mindful of your driving. Accelerate and brake steadily, coasting whenever possible rather than pounding on the gas. Stay at or below the speed limit and utilize cruise control to stay in that efficient sweet spot.

Tip three is drive only where and when it’s needed and make fewer trips when possible. If you can avoid driving long distances or in the peak of rush hour, it will save you. If you’re going to be idling for quite some time, power down the engine to save gas.

Tip four is consider your heating/cooling use and make your vehicle as aerodynamic as possible. The AC can drain your gas if used frequently and on high, but it is still more efficient than keeping the windows down. That extra wind resistance from windows down, as well as any roof racks or boxes, can cause your vehicle to work harder and less efficiently.

Lastly, make sure your gas cap is on tight! For more tips or to see our variety of vehicles in person, La Crescenta residents can search for “Toyota cars near me,” and find directions to our dealership location.