How to Avoid Trouble on the Road 

Every La Crescenta area driver knows it isn’t always smooth sailing when driving on the highway. From severe storms to blowing out a tire, unpredictable road hazards can surface at any time, so all of us here at Bob Smith Toyota want to make sure you and your vehicle are prepared for anything. Check out these tips for avoiding common roadway hazards this summer.

Uncontrollable Skidding

Have you ever gotten caught in a rainstorm on your way home from work? Have your wheels ever spun out from driving on a slick road? It’s tough to maintain control when driving on a wet street, so if you’re tires start skidding, instead of turning into the skid, take your foot off of the gas pedal, pick a point to focus on down the road, and gently steer your car towards that point. The most important thing is not to over-steer or thrust your wheels from side to side, which can cause a rollover.

Blowing Out Your Tires

No matter where it happens, blowing a tire is never convenient for anyone. If you ever hear your tire blow out on the road, stay calm and retain control of your vehicle. Take a firm hold of your steering wheel, lightly move your foot off of the gas pedal, and allow your car to naturally slow down. It’s important not to slam on your brakes, especially when you’re in the middle of traffic. Switch on your hazard lights and slowly move your vehicle out of traffic, braking gently when you’re ready to stop.

Driving mishaps happen. It’s important to always remain cool, calm, and collected if you ever run into car trouble. For more tips on how to combat road hazards, stop by our Toyota dealership near Pasadena!