The Toyota Brand Saves Millions to Fund Research

At Bob Smith Toyota, we love sharing information about the exciting projects that our brand is involved in. If you’re a current or potential customer, we think you’ll be interested to hear about some projects on the horizon for our brand.

Recently, we have learned through new innovations with the manufacturing process, the Toyota franchise has saved 100 billion yen, or $879 million USD, and will be putting these savings toward research and development costs.

According to, our new, more efficient manufacturing process resulted in saving more than $3,300 every minute in the past six months. Can you say wow? This year, the company has plans to spend $9.3 billion aggressively exploring electrified powertrains and self-driving hardware and software, among other new futuristic projects.

Toyota Chief Financial Officer Osamu Nagata said he believes it is important for the future that the brand saves money wherever possible. “We not only need to develop these leading technologies but also need to commercialize them. In order to do that, we need to increase R&D expenses. This will be a cost burden so we need to speed up cost reduction,” he said.

Just when we thought the Toyota manufacturer was already ahead of the game in new car technology, it looks like the brand has kicked things up a notch, potentially aiming to be the leader in automotive green technology and self-driving vehicles. We can’t wait to see what the future holds as these savings continue to stack up as we speak.

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