Toyota Brand Announces EV Models

According to CarScoops, Toyota car fans have a lot more to be excited about in the next few years. Not only are more hybrid and all-electric models in the works, but you can expect each model from here on out to at least have one electric option. If you’re looking for information regarding Toyota’s plans for new electric vehicles, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to contact our La Crescenta Toyota dealers and they’ll be happy to tell you even more.

It seems like just yesterday the Toyota Prius was the most groundbreaking model we could have imagined. The range, mpg, and other details are simply stunning when it comes to efficiency. However, in more recent years, hybrid and all-electric vehicle technology has advanced so rapidly that we can hardly keep up. And the Toyota brand doesn’t plan to stop here. By 2020, they will be launching more than 10 electric vehicles worldwide.

The Toyota brand is set to launch the first battery-electric model in China fairly soon, and coming to the United States shortly after. Following that, each model in the Toyota and Lexus range will either be completely electric or available with an electric option by 2025. That means every car from here on out will be “green!” By 2030, the Toyota franchise expects to sell more than 5.5 million electrified vehicles, including 1 million battery-electric and fuel-cell vehicles. Plus, there are plans for more hybrid models as well.

As Toyota dealers, we couldn’t be more proud of such an innovative company. Come by our California Toyota dealership anytime to talk new vehicle technology or get any needed service and maintenance done. We will gladly be the ones that take care of all of your new and pre-owned vehicle needs. Come see us today.