Toyota Increases Autonomous Technology

As California Toyota dealers, it goes without saying that we simply love Toyota cars in all their many variations. However, we just can’t say often enough how proud we are to be part of such a rapidly innovating industry and a brand that plays a major role in that innovation. Our dealers would like to talk more about what Toyota is doing to step up those plans for future autonomous technology. 

Among many new advancements coming out of the Toyota Research Institute, active safety intervention and self-driving capabilities are at the top of the list. Necessary for obvious reasons, these features will make driving so much safer in the future. It’s our hope that accidents from human error will become minimal, or even eventually nonexistent.

One model tested just last month near Dallas, TX utilizes driver-safety Guardian and autonomous Chauffeur modes on the same vehicle. With Guardian mode, the system uses cameras inside the car and external sensors to determine if a driver is falling asleep, then taking control and steering the vehicle to safety if need be.

When it comes to autonomous Chauffeur mode, the vehicle has been seen going through testing, dodging hay bales falling off a truck, changing lanes to avoid a collision, and more, all captured on video. According to Auto News, who sat down with a source from the Toyota Research Institute, this model is just one of many autonomous Toyota cars coming in the future.

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