Travel Tips for Parents With Small Kids

Mid-summer is the ideal time for a family road trip. But while it can be a challenge to keep even the most well-behaved kids quiet, happy, and comfortable during long car rides, Bob Smith Toyota has a few tricks up our sleeves to help keep your tots engaged so you can make fond family memories that don’t include the phrase, “Are we there yet?”

Offer a Myriad of Activities

One of the best things that parents can do to keep children entertained during a long road trip is to bring plenty of activities to keep them engaged over extended hours. These can include enjoyable car games, road trip bingo, sticker books, music, and podcasts. However, the trick is to hand out these activities randomly throughout the road trip instead of giving them everything at once to make it feel like a real treat.

Keep Tummies Full

Boredom can be a real road trip ruiner, but rumbling stomachs come in at a very close second. Be sure to bring a few treats that your kids don’t eat every day as well as a handful of healthy options that can keep hunger at bay.

Allow Some Screen Time

While limiting screen time at home can be beneficial to better bond with your family, young kids have tiny attention spans. Allowing them to watch a show or movie on a tablet or Toyota’s rear-seat entertainment system can break things up.

Include Them in Your Plans

The majority of road trip plans should be left in the hands of adults, but kids always enjoy feeling included. Provide them with a paper map and clothespin to help them follow along the route or show them your drive on a virtual map on your phone.

Before you head out for the open road on your next family road trip, don’t forget to stop by our La Crescenta, CA, Toyota dealership for a quick service checkup.